This treatment combines fat busting laser liposuction, which works by stimulating fat cells, causing a change in the permeability of the cell membrane. The fat cells are then broken down further using pulses to destroy the fat cell. The triglycerides (broken down fat) are then used to reposition, contour and shape the area using vacuum suction. This treatment can also improve skin tone, reduce cellulite and activate collagen production. A treatment course offers cumulative benefits and can be targeted to specific body areas with lasting and visible improvement.
The most commonly treated areas are: thighs and buttocks, abdomen, upper back and arms.

How does the body contouring procedure work?

The body contouring procedure is meant to break down unwanted fat cells and stimulate the lymphatic system to drain them away with the body’s waste, improving the skin tone and reducing cellulite whilst creating a smoother, firmer skin.

The treatment works in four stages:

– Laser liposuction: – laser lipo emits low levels of laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking down stored triglycerides into free acids and glycerol, releasing them through channels in the cell membranes. The fatty acids and glycerol are then transported around the body to the tissues that will use them during metabolism to create energy. A period of exercise post treatment will ensure the complete metabolism and therefore eliminate the free fatty acids from the body.

– Ultrasound cavitation: – ultrasound cavitation converts fat cells into liquid, using ultrasonic waves, which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own filtration system. Sound wave vibration may cause fierce impact of fat cells making them explode instantly, reduce the amount of fat cells and thereby achieve the effects of removing fat.

– Radio frequency: – radio frequency delivers an electrical current via electrodes to the skin to heat the deep and superficial layers. When our skin receives a high frequency electrical current the cells in our body interpret this as an energy source. The layers in our skin act like a resistor to the electrical current and depending on their level of resistance, will heat up to varying degrees. The local heating causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibres so they are stimulated to produce new collagen and elastin fibres. The effect of this is tighter, smoother skin with a visible “lift”. Fat cells are reduced and stubborn cellulite looks a lot less noticeable.

– Vacuum suction: – vacuum suction causes stimulation of the under-lying structures. It is aimed at improving blood flow and lymph circulation. Lymph fluid transports metabolic waste and fatty materials via lymph nodes and lymphatic system. Vacuum suction improves lymphatic and blood circulation.

What are the benefits of body contouring?

A treatment course of at least 6 sessions offers cumulative benefits and can be targeted to specific body areas (thighs and buttocks, abdomen, upper back, arms) with lasting and visible improvement.

The main benefits of this procedure will be:
– Body contouring of the desired area
– Lymphatic drainage
– Lifting and toning of the problematic area
– Contouring and skin tightening
– Cellulite reduction
– Pain free, no downtime and safer than surgery
– Long term and natural results.

What happens during a body contouring treatment?

A medical history will be taken to make sure that there are no reasons why you shouldn’t undertake this treatment. You will be asked to read detailed information and sign a consent form which means that you have understood the potential benefits and risks associated with the procedure.
Photographs will also be taken by the practitioner for a “before and after” comparison at a later date.

You should try to avoid doing anything that will irritate your skin immediately before treatment, this includes sunbathing (natural or artificial).

After the skin on the treated area will be cleansed, a coupling gel/oil will then also be applied over the area which acts as an additional barrier between the surface layers of your skin and the handpiece of the device. Our practitioner will then commence the treatment working across the treated area. During the cavitation stage, you will hear a “strange” sound and you may also feel a slight heat. You may also feel a “tug” close to the treated area due to the vacuum effect; this is reported as a “different sensation” as it’s an unusual feeling, but not painful. Once completed a soothing lotion may be applied to your skin.

Treatment sessions will take between 45-75 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. It can take a few treatment sessions before visible signs of improvement are seen and the process will continue over the following months with maintenance sessions, providing a gradual enhancement. The specific number of sessions required will depend on the area being treated and the severity of the indication, as well as the level of natural response from the individual’s body.

Is there any downtime after body contouring?

The treatment is completely painless and our therapists will make sure you are comfortable at all time. Immediately following the treatment your skin will feel slightly tighter. Some people experience mild redness immediately following treatment (similar to a sunburnt look) and on very rare occasions a slight bruise, but this usually disappears quickly. You can return to work and normal activities immediately after treatment if you wish to do so.

How many sessions are needed and how long does it last?

A course of at least 6 treatment sessions, performed weekly, are recommended to notice visible results. Then a maintenance treatment session every 4-8 weeks is recommended to maintain the achieved results.

The results are visible immediately at times, but the treatment will continue working for up to 2 weeks after every session. The results can last for a very long time if maintenance is kept as recommended and there have not been major changes in your diet, lifestyle, medical history, etc. It is important to have realistic expectations about what results can be achieved as this relies on the natural response from the individual’s body.

What are the risks or side effects of the treatment?

As the treatment is carried out you will experience a brief heating sensations every time the handpiece delivers energy to your skin and underlying tissue. Almost like a hot stone massage, the treatment is very relaxing and enjoyable. Some people have been known to fall asleep during treatment.
The most frequently reported effect of treatment with is redness, which typically disappear in a few hours.

What is the aftercare advice?

It is very important that you follow the advice of our practitioners carefully after any treatment to help make the procedure as successful as possible and to reduce the risk of complications.

In preparation for your treatment, all skin care products including body lotion, fake tan should be removed from the treated areas. Please attend your appointment without any skin care products on if possible. For optimum results, exfoliation prior to treatment helps to remove dead skin cells which may reflect the light.

Post – treatment advice will include:

  • using tepid water to cleanse the treated area for the first 24 hours following treatment;
  • try to drink at least 2 litres of water on the day of the treatment and on the following 5 days, to help with eliminating the fat cells worked on during the treatment;
  • do not use sunbed or fake tan for at least 24 hours post treatment;
  • do not eat for at least 1 hour after the treatment;
  • abstain from alcohol on the day of treatment and the 48 hours after;
  • use dry skin brushing daily to stimulate lymph drainage;
  • do not have a hot shower, steam or sauna for at least 8 hours after treatment;
  • at least 20 minutes of light cardio exercise after treatment will help stimulate the lymphatic drainage;
  • try to follow a low sugar, low starch and low fat diet to help results last longer.

Am I suitable for Body Contouring?

The treatment is suitable for all skin types for both male and female individuals over the age of 18.
As long as you are generally healthy and don’t have any skin diseases or infections in the area treated, there are few medical reasons why you should not undergo this treatment.

Certain medications may causes photosensitivity and specific conditions may also be triggered by radiofrequency/ultrasound cavitation, so it`s important to fully disclose all medications you are currently taking and your medical history during your consultation.
Women who are pregnant or breast feeding may be advised to wait before embarking on a treatment programme.

More importantly, people with electrical devices e.g., pacemakers, or metal implants e.g., artificial metal hip joints, heart valves or dental plates, cannot be treated because the current flowing through the body during the procedure may interfere with these devices or heat up metal implants, which could be dangerous.