Advanced Facials


Regular cleaning of the skin represents an essential condition for the maintenance of its health and for the efficiency of the cosmetic care treatment.


Regular cleaning of the skin represents an essential condition for the maintenance of its health and for the efficiency of the cosmetic care treatment.

For pores to be cleared and for skin to breathe freely, it’s necessary that impurities and metabolites are removed in the morning and in the evening , prior to applying daily creams and make-up.

Through effective cleaning the dead skin cell layer is removed and the activity of the fibroblasts is accelerated by the production of collagen and elastin.


Skin care involves more than cleansing or make-up removal. Toning must be a part of the daily care routine just as cleansing.

The tonic lotion has the role of removing any trace of impurities that could not be removed during skin cleansing. Also, skin toning helps to restore the natural skin pH.

The epidermis is regenerated at approximately 30 day intervals, as every day one of its 30 layers is synthesized by the basal layer. That’s why we recommend in having a professional cosmetic facial treatment at least every 4 weeks.

You should know that prevention is always better than cure!

The skin is our protective organ, therefore it must be cared for. The biological transformations that our body is subject to with the passage of time are reflected on our complexions.

Dermasonic Ultra

Deep cleansing facial treatment, ideal for blocked pores and blackheads. We are using an ultrasonic blade device, that produces ultrasonic vibrations which penetrate deep into skin's pores to cleanse make-up residue and waste.

Dermasonic Deep Cleanser

A more enhanced version that combines the power of ultrasonic peel and a very mild skin peel.


Dermalux L.E.D. Facial

Combines clinically proven wavelengths of light with the breakthrough proprietary LED technology to deliver safe and effective results.

Hydragen Ultra Facial

Hydragen Ultra Facial incorporates 3 technologies to make the skin look smoother and more youthful, reduce pigmentation and improve acne and scarring. The treatment is non invasive, comfortable and leaves the skin smooth and radiant.

RF Facial

A course of RF treatments will help to lift, firm and tighten skin, by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin for a more youthful appearance of the skin.

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A facial treatment helps to keep skin healthy by:

– Keeping the outer layer clean, smooth and soft – Ensuring there is enough moisture in the outer layers – Feeding living cells and tissues with a healthy supply of blood – Helping skin resist infection – Providing protection from external damage from the elements.


Facial massage brings important benefits to the skin like: – regulates blood and lymph circulation, – stimulates collagen and elastin fibres within the tissue, – maintains and restores muscle tonus, – oxygenates the cells and has a detoxifying effect, – relaxes the facial muscles.

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