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When it comes to waxing, we can confidently say that there are not many salons in Borehamwood and London area where we can go and experience such a level of painless waxing like here at E-cliniq.

Our waxing specialists are highly skilled and have mastered effective waxing techniques to give you a quick painless and thorough waxing treatments you will never forget. 

We offer body waxing treatments of your choice, including a full range of intimate waxing. 

Preparation for waxing

Please shower and be clean for your therapist, and before waxing procedure please
don’t use any creams or oils over your body or areas thta should be waxed.

Also ideally the hair should be 3 to 4 weeks of growth, otherwise the hair will not be totaly removed as the wax cannot extract it from the skin.

After waxing treatment

Some people find the area slightly red and there may be very little blood spots occasionally, or a stinging sensation. These are all normal reactions and will subside in a few hours.  

For 24 hrs after you’ve been waxed avoid sun, deodorant, really hot showers/baths, chlorinated pools, solarium, spas and saunas as these will irritate the skin.

Hair Removal for Women

Hair Removal for Man

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Our clients say

"Another great morning spent at e-cliniq. Alex was great once again."
Alexis Leigh
"Great waxing thank you"
Hall Read
"Best, most thorough leg wax I've had in a long time. I won't go anywhere else now!"
Quintin Angus
Excellent service