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Dermal Repair Cream    £22.50     

The cream is recommended to accelerate epidermal repairing processes of the skin of adults and children with irritation or superficial injuries. The cream’s light, waterproof formula isolates the skin from the external environment and allows the application on recent scars, superficial wounds or minor trauma. The skin is soothed, protected, and the healing is accelerated.

Active ingredients
Centerox exerts an intensive restructuring action of the skin's protective barrier by increasing the biosynthesis of collagen type I and III. The ingredient has a protective effect on the microcirculation as well.

Sepilift corrects fine lines, wrinkles and skin irregularities, deeply moisturizes and tones the tissues through multiple actions: it stimulates the contraction of collagen fibbers, protects the elastic fibbers from enzymatic cleavage and protects against free radicals.
Sepitonic M3 is a cocktail of mineral salts with chrono-energizing and antiradical action. It stimulates cellular respiration and the synthesis of cell’s energy mediators. 
Panthenol improves moisturizing, reduces irritation and itching, accelerates wound healing processes.

How to use
Apply at least twice a day, on the affected areas.

Paraben free and hypoallergenic.Regenerates skin injured following minor trauma.

Anti-Hair Loss Treatment  £40

Hair loss is on the list of problems faced by many people, both women and men, not an insignificant problem when the amount of hair lost exceeds the normal limits. Alopecia is caused by many factors such as: improper diet, vitamin deficiency, various diseases, immune disorders and hormonal disorders, pregnancy, inadequate treatment applied to hair (excessive paint, fading), stress, etc.

Active ingredients
Procapil, biological active complex consisting of vitamin matrikina, apiginin and oleanolic acid acts on the causes that cause alopecia.

Biocapigen, the mixture of biologically active principles of botanical origin and biosynthesis act synergistically to eliminate all the factors that can cause loss and weakening hair.
Maca root extract, is used to stimulate hair growth, to prevent baldness and hair protection against endogenous and exogenous stress.

How to use
The contents of an ampoule is applied based on wet hair, after washing with Derma+ Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo as follows: in the first week 2-3 times, in the next period max 2 times per week to improve hair loss, but no more than 3-4 months.
Treatment may be resumed after a break of 2 months. Do not rinse.

Hypoallergenic and paraben free. Stop the excessive hair loss and stimulates healthy hair growth.

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream  £25

The cream is specially developed for the care of sensitive area around the eyes. The associated active principles ensure synergistic action in three areas: reducing deep wrinkles, expression wrinkles and dark circles.

Active ingredients:
Matrixyl synthe'6 increases the dermis density and its firmness. The synthesis of collagen I, collagen IV and fibronectin is particularly stimulated quantitatively and qualitatively.

Sepilift ensures long lasting skin moisturizing, wrinkle effect, heavy lifting and toning.
Squalane and Shea Butter - compensate the deficit of lipids of the dry skin and skin prone to drying.

Aquaxyl has a complex action: it optimizes dermal water reserves, increases ceramides production, stimulates the synthesis of proteins.
Vitamins A and E protect against the destructive and degenerative oxidative processes.

Gatuline Extract has the effect of relaxing the muscles which contract and deepen skin wrinkles, especially the expression ones.
Haloxyl has concealing and repairing effect on dark circles.

How to use:
Apply twice a day on the cleansed skin.

Paraben free and hypoallergenic. Reduces wrinkles and offers brightens and hydration to the area.

Mattifying Moisturizing Emulsion  £22.50

It is a lightweight cream, which according to its active ingredients, effectively regulate sebum secretion, mattifying, moisturizing and assuring a full care of oily skin problems.

Active ingredients:
Sebaryl regulates sebum secretion, is a natural astringent, has mattifying effect, it improves the structure and comfort of oily skin and has anti-irritant effect.

Titanium Dioxide absorbs excess sebum and the mattifying effect is accentuated.
Aquaxyl is an exceptional moisturizing ingredient, the skin is optimally hydrated and the physiological process of scaling is normalized to improve skin’s micro-relief and reduce fine lines.

Soothex has soothing effect, reducing skin redness.

How to use:
Apply twice a day on the cleansed skin.

Paraben free and hypoallergenic. Regulates sebum secretion, the skin remains matte and optimally hydrated.

Moisturizing Emollient Cream  £ 22.50

The cream is designed to restore the hydrolipidic barrier and balance out the lack of moisturizing of the extremely dry skin. The cream is intended for the care of sensitive, dry skin of the children and adults and to prevent or alleviate the symptoms of atopic dermatitis

Active ingredients:
Neutrazen is a biomimetic peptide that prevents and cancels the neurogenic inflammation, reduces oedema, vasodilation and production of pro inflammatory cytokines. It prevents and helps relieving the symptoms of different dermatitis: itching, tingling, burning, congestion, redness etc.

Natural Waxes and Oils rich in fatty acids, triglycerides, ceramides, emolliate and moisturize dry skin, necessary for restoring the stratum corneum.

Ceramidyl Omega 3,6,9 protects the collagen and elastin fibbers and in combination with urea it supplements skin’s water supply, improves elasticity and the comfort feeling.

Beeswax reconstructs the skin’s protective film, improves water retention and prevents deep dehydration of the skin.

How to use:
Daily, in the evening and in the morning, on the affected areas.

Paraben free and hypoallergenic. Emolliates, soothes, highly moisturizes.

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