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Derma Fillers

Eyes Rejuvenation

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Looking tired all the time and older than your years?

Under eye bags / dark circles mesotherapy is an effective, affordable, safe and knife-less way to get rid of that excess baggage.

Dark circles and bags on the lower eyelids appear with age and make us look older then we really are and make some people insecure more than the appearance of wrinkles. The cause of dark circles under the eyes can be genetic predisposition, smoking, bad circulation, bad diet, allergic reactions or irregular sleep cycle.

How it works?

Tiny micro injections are placed in the “bags” that can sit under the eye. The product improves circulation and blood supply to the area, which in turn can help smooth the delicate skin lying under the eyes.

Mesotherapy can significantly improve the color of the dark circles under the eyes and also reduce the size of the fatty bag. Usually the result can be seen after two performed procedures and it is necessary to do 4 to 6 treatments in the same amount of weeks. Eye bag mesotherapy can leave you looking refreshed with minimal discomfort.

You will have anesthetic cream applied to the area which means that you shouldn’t feel a thing.

1 Treatment    - £ 130
4 Treatments  - £ 420