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The result of over 20 years research, the award winning CACI facial toning treatments has been voted the most effective anti-ageing treatment available. The treatment results are so dramatic that CACI has become known as the "Non Surgical Facelift".

CACI works in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical field and the current, therefore, is virtually sub-sensory. Meaning, the client feels very little if anything at all. There is no visible muscle contraction, triggering a quick, effective response from skin and muscle tissue to this unique type of stimulation. Treatments are generally run as a course, averaging between 10 and 15 treatments, where number and frequency are determined by the client’s initial skin and muscle condition. On completion of one course is recommended that the client returns for a maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks. The long term effects of stress eventually manifest themselves on the body, usually appearing on the face first, causing degeneration and sagging. Telltale signs include dry skin, loss of muscle tone, sagging cheeks and jowls, and an increase and deepening of wrinkles.

  CACI was designed to retard signs of ageing, keep skin youthful and glowing, and tone facial muscles, it firms up sags and bags and tightens the muscles that make up the face. It not only improves looks, but also relaxes clients. Treatment is designed to stimulate facial muscles, tightening them and increasing their firmness, and also working to restore natural contour. The treatments improve lymphatic drainage of the face resulting in improvements in complexion and reduction of eye bags. It can be used to soften scar tissue, lighten the color of the skin and reducing the size of enlarged pores.

 CACI Non Surgical Facelift   £55 

Duration: 60 minutes.

This is an advanced, non-invasive facial, with over twenty years of medical research behind it. The treatment will deliver visible results without the need for surgery. Tiny electrical impulses will lift and tone the facial muscles, whilst improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

 Super CACI Non Surgical Facelift   £65

Duration: 75 minutes.

The Super CACI is perfect for those clients who want an intense version of the Non Surgical Facelift for enhanced results. It gives an extra 15min to concentrate on areas of muscle laxity, aimed at mature skin types and those with specific concerns.  

CACI Eye Lift   £35

Duration: 40 minutes

This will work to lift and firm the muscles around the eye area. This will also smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Jowl Lift   £30

Duration: 25 minutes.

This has been developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline. Using Quad probes specially designed to lift and firm the muscles and refine facial contours.

CACI Non Surgical Facelift with Jowl Lift   £65

Duration: 60 minutes.

Microcurrent is used to lift and tone the facial muscles and also include extra work performed around the jawline to refine and contour the jowls.

Hydratone Facial Hydration  £25

Duration: 15 minutes

Hydratone uses an intensive, anti-ageing Hydro mask that will instantly rehydrate, revitalise and plump the skin. Hydratone combines active microcurrent rollers which restore muscle tone, firmness and propel the ingredients deep into the skin. It has an immediate cooling effect that will soothe and calm any skin redness and irritation.

The CACI Treatments

As we age the production of collagen lowers and this is responsible for our skin’s elasticity, causing wrinkles and lines.

The CACI treatments lift the face by toning facial muscles, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles and preventing sagging skin

CACI Treatments  Best Results:

Treatments for CACI are carried out closely together, to ensure that we re-educate the facials muscle properly. This should mean that by the 4th treatment (second week) you will see the results kicking in,
These will then gradually build throughout the course..